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Для чего нужна кредитная карточка

God, Save Illinois

Мне это нравится. Определенно.

Для того, чтобы оставить отзыв на книгу на теперь необходимо прежде предоставить данные своей кредитки!

Amazon has begun a new system, Real Names, which requires reviewers to provide their credit card details before posting a comment...Under the new rules, website users will still be able to make comments under pen names but they will not be able to merely describe themselves as "a reader".

Guardian, Thursday July 29, 2004

Текст на

Your Real Name is based on your cardholder name. Please enter a valid credit card. Your credit card will be used only for identity verification purposes. Your credit card will not be charged.
If you do not want to use your Real Name, you may create a Pen Name.

Этого нет ни на, ни на На мне уже лень смотреть.
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