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1. Диссертация, защищенная в 2005 в финском университете Невыговариваемоеназвание

From Sugar Triangle to Cotton Triangle. Trade and Shipping between America and Baltic Russia, between 1783-1860

The purpose of this study is to discuss the development of trade and polito-commercial relations between the Us and Russia from the Treaty of Paris in 1783 to 1860. The problems are approached on four levels:
1) commercial diplomacy between the countries,
2) the entrepreneurs involved in commerce and their activities,
3) mercantile shipping,
4) the volume of trade

PDF - 3 мб

P.S. Там еще лежит сборник по торговле в Холодную войну.

Upd. 2. Коммерческий атлас Плейфейра на сайте Пенсильванского университета.
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