Nekotorye Tak (koukhto) wrote,
Nekotorye Tak

If a sparrow is born in a stable, that does not mean he is a horse. Ф. Рожанковский

'.. When people ask me, 'Where are you from? I answer, 'From Russia.' Then l feel that l owe them an explanation. My father was a teacher and administrator of high schools and his changing jobs took him across imperial Russia. My sister was born in Kishinev, which meant that she became Rumanian when the city was taken by the Rumanians. One of my brothers was born in Odessa and therefore became a Ukrainian or a 'Little Russian'; the other brother was born near Moscow and therefore he was a 'Great Russian.' My second sister was born in Estonia and in Mitava, Latvia. So we had five nationalities in one family. When l tried to explain that to an officer of the immigration and Naturalization Service, he held his head with both hands and then grabbed an aspirin. I told him the story of a Jew who tried to explain that he was not a Pole .' But weren't you born in Poland?', asked the officer. 'Listen ,' answered the poor man, 'if a sparrow is born in a stable, that does not mean he is a horse.'
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